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Phone Box consultation

Update Mar 2021: BT phone box Wrelton is in consultancy period, the council has objected to the removal due to the poor mobile signal and as requested to adapt the Wrelton Box should the objection not be upheld.

Update Aug 2020: BT phone box Middleton is in consultancy period, the council has NOT requested to adapt the Middleton Box, Wrelton Box is unaffected.

Update Jan 2020: BT have agreed to retain the phone boxes as is.

Did you know the phone boxes in Wrelton and Middleton have been in a consultancy period which will end on 15th December!!

The phone boxes have very little usage now and could be removed.

Do you want to keep your phone box? We have 3 options:
1. Object and try to retain the boxes.
2. Adopt the boxes (with phone equipment removed).
3. Allow removal.
Our current thinking is to allow removal of the Middleton Box and adopt the Wrelton box.

Whats your view? Contact us to let us know….