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Community Speed Watch scheme

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We are planning to join this scheme however there is currently a backlog so cannot say when but we are looking for volunteers from the parish again so if you are interested let us know via email to using email subject  Community speed watch scheme

The parish has the opportunity to join the Community speed watch scheme (CWS).

CSW is a scheme that has been launched across North Yorkshire designed to support local communities and improve road safety by allowing residents to address speed concerns in their local area with the support of North Yorkshire Police.

There are currently 60+ groups taking part in the scheme who are seeing improvements in speeds and driver behaviour within their villages.

Results submitted by the CSW groups recorded and analysed. If the results recorded indicate consistently higher speeds than expected, further investigations may take place and provide evidence for speed limit reductions for example.

For further details can be found at Community Speed Watch | North Yorkshire Police and

In order to join the scheme, we need a minimum of 4 volunteers from the parish to become group members, This will involve training and your time to perform regular surveys throughout the parish.

Traffic speed is constantly raised as an issue by residents so this is your chance to make a difference

If you are interesting in joining or have any questions please get in touch via email to using email subject  Community speed watch scheme