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Parish Grants Available!

To all Parishioners from Aislaby, Middleton and Wrelton Parish Council (the Parish Council)

The Parish Council currently has a small surplus of funds of approximately £1500. It would like this money to be used to benefit the Parish as a whole.  Therefore parishioners are invited to apply for a small grant towards local community projects.

A short description of the project and how it will benefit the Parish or part of it; set up costs and where relevant, how ongoing expense will be funded should be submitted to the Parish Council by email to

While there is no closing date, the project should be able to be completed in this current financial year. Those shortlisted will be invited to meet with members of the Parish Council to discuss their proposal further.  The decision of the Parish Council is final.


Grants Awarded

Jan-2018 – First grant awarded to Wrelton Grass Cutters to assist in maintenance and running costs (£100).

Jan-2018 – Grant awarded towards the cost of seeds for St. Andrews Church Middleton in support of the church yard wild flower project (£150).

Feb 2018 – Grant of up to £500 awarded to Wrelton Village Hall towards defibrillator costs for Wrelton.